When you hear the name FXVC, what is the first thing that comes to mind? For us, it was about time do dig deeper into the catchy name and see what this innovative broker is all about. The first thing that popped up during our research was the long-lasting tradition of the name itself. FXVC platform was established back in 2014, and since then they keep aiming at constantly improving while simultaneously keeping up with the tradition of what works.


It is only natural that a long-standing name like FXVC will take a few punches down the road. But what makes up for it is their awareness of the mistakes and obstacles, and a constant desire to keep up and keep working hard. And today, in the sea of online trading brokerages offering high and low their amazing spreads with no cost fees, the only remaining question is – is FXVC a scam?



This part is quite easy to find out, you just need to click on their “About Us” page and check the licensing information. When you do that, you will see that FXVC is registered in Cyprus, and regulated by the Cyprus Security and Exchange Commission – CySEC for short. This a highly reputable government organization that imposes regulations and strict rules on the companies they affect and manage. FXVC is one of them, which means that this platform is forced to always keep up with the toughest rules and policies towards all their clients. Otherwise, harsh fees and punishments are set to be imposed, which can irreversibly damage one’s reputation. And once that happens, it is tough to come back from it.


That’s why FXVC continues to keep up with the CySEC’s tough regulations. This organization is open to any and all tips and leads on someone who may be breaking their strict rules, and you can report that anonymously through their Whistleblowing section on the webpage. FXVC makes its priority to work with law enforcement too, in case the need presents itself to prevent fraud or other illegal activities. When you look at it like this alone, it would be quite hard to uphold the “FXVC scam” image, right?


When you dig deeper into the online brokerage world, you can easily notice that there are many platforms that do not hold a regulation license of any kind. This is quite discouraging for the entire trading community, which is why it is important to support and encourage the hard and honest work that companies like FXVC do for the trading world.


Asking the question “Is FXVC a scam?” imposes a whole other conversation in the online brokerage area. For FXVC, continuing to ask this question is as important as ever, because new traders come along every day, with the need to be informed and prepared for obstacles. That’s why FXVC aims to constantly prove their trustworthiness and desire to do better for you, so you can do better for yourself. It is a productive cycle of learning new things and implementing modern regulations while keeping the tradition alive which was set long before these new brokerages came into the spotlight.


In general, the public response to FXVC is quite encouraging, which makes us conclude that customers are happy. And while this is true, it is the most important thing to remember.


Trading Platform

By visiting the FXVC trading platform, you will be met with the costumed blue, green and white background, suitable to the design of the logo. This helps FXVC to stand out from the crowd of flashy, over-the-top websites, which are often designed this way to keep you from finding out there is something seriously wrong lurking in the shadows.


With FXVC, however, it is all upfront and honest, which explains why they have so many years of experience and trustworthiness. The platform is neatly organized into 4 sections – stocks, forex, cryptos, and CFDs, which you can easily scroll through until you find the asset that suits your needs the most. And if you find yourself lost between all the numbers and information, you will find a convenient chart on the left which will illustrate what those numbers mean – and help you make your smartest trading decision.


One other thing that is quite appealing is the fact that everything is listed clearly and as simply as possible. This way, no matter if you have previous experience in the trading market or you are a newcomer, you will be able to find your way around and check out everything this reliable platform has in store for you.


Commissions and Spreads

When it comes to spreads, there are two sides to every story. On one hand, changeable spreads according to the market performance can bring you a sufficient amount of excitement with a chance of danger, bringing you closer to a higher reward. The same goes for irreparable doom – with higher risks, there are bigger chances for a significant loss


FXVC recognizes this, which is why they offer fixed spreads for their clients. This way, they ensure the maximum of stability and predictability, which can come in handy in the hectic world of market trading.


Another great thing that stands out is commissions, which are quite favorable to an independent broker. Compared to other brokerage websites, FXVC offers a lot of advantages including lower fees for their valued clients. As you progress through the different account packages, you will encounter that these fees go even lower to non-existent for the most eligible and trusting traders, which have a long-standing tradition of keeping their streaks with FXVC.


Deposits and Withdrawals

One particular thing that pops up right away when you are searching for a perfect brokerage is the ability to process your deposit and withdrawal requests. With FXVC this option is perfect to the smallest detail, which adds to their reliability. With such a huge brokerage come big amounts of money. The fact that FXVC is able to process them almost instantly is quite reassuring and a big advantage in the trading world.


In addition, there are different types of channels that you can use to deposit or withdraw your money, including credit cards and bank wire transfers. The minimum deposit amount stands at $500 which is standard for such a highly reputable platform, while you can withdraw your money from the account from as low as $20.


Bonus and Promotions

While FXVC does not offer bonuses and promotions in a traditional way, you can find many alluring offers within the account types choices. For example, bronze is the basic type of an account that you can acquire, and it brings you access to a few hundred of FXVC tradeable assets, as well as educational tools to guide you through it all.


As you progress to the more advanced account types such as silver, gold, and platinum, you will be able to take advantage of more perks offered exclusively by the FXVC platform. These include announcements, e-mail and SMS notifications and market reviews which aim to keep you updated with all the latest economic and geopolitical news and updates.


And finally, as you reach the highest levels of appeal and excitement, you will be met with the most advanced account type of them all – the VIP program. With this one, the abilities are practically endless. You will have access to all the educational tools the FXVC has to offer, as well as create a long-lasting and reliable relationship with your own broker to guide you through your trading journey. Regular announcements are a given and you can receive them in your inbox on any device, but what stands out particularly are some discounts on additional fees and commissions. So, in a way, FXVC aims to compensate for their lack of promotions and bonuses by using other channels and applying discounts, for your convenience.


Customer Support

Creating a satisfying relationship with the customers is imperative for a successful trading platform. FXVC understands that, which is why they strive to improve their customer support team as time passes. Their staff is quite friendly and knowledgeable while easy to reach via e-mail, telephone or a live chat.


And if you are a go-getter that rather works on its own, even better! Then you will find your way through the FAQ section, which is regularly updated with new developments, terms, and information.



In general, there is always a tweak or two which you can find on a trading platform if you look hard enough. In the end, we all make mistakes, but what makes us great is the constant need to improve them and make ourselves better. With FXVC that journey seems to be more effortless than others, which is why it’s worth taking a second look. And if you find something that piques your interest, even better! FXVC sets it as its goal to keep a client relationship strong and open for communication, improving their channels and overall service each step of the way.