FXVC has had quite a rollercoaster ride since first being established back in 2014. A lot of innovations have been introduced since then – from better spreads to a wider range of tradable assets. FXVC is one of those platforms that aims to contribute to a more fun, as well as safer trading environment for all. The question is – is it succeeding on that mission? We will see that in this FXVC review.

In this article we will dig deep in hopes to giving you a full FXVC feedback – from what the brand represents and its reliability, to the spread of assets it offers and special advantages that make it pop on the market. Read along if you want to find out!



From the very start, FXVC has aimed to treat and acknowledge each individual trader with utmost respect. No matter how crazy you think your trading dreams are, nothing is over the top for FXVC. By constantly improving and applying new strategies in trading, this platform tries to keep in touch with their clients and listen to their feedback, in order to improve their business even more and become more attractive to a wider range of users.


One of FXVC’s main goals is transparency – everything they do in order to improve your trading adventure is available for your consideration and analysis. This platform is regulated by the Cyprus Security and Exchange Commission, CySEC for short, which is one of the most reputable regulatory bodies out there. This body is created with a clear vision of making the trading world as safe and as transparent as possible. They are constantly creating and improving their policies while making sure all the brands they are regulating are following in their footsteps. In addition, they provide annual reports about all of them, which you can find easily on their website.


CySEC also helps you improve your knowledge about this industry by holding regular seminars and lessons all around the globe. Everyone is welcome to join and learn new and exciting things about market and its regulations. CySEC makes it a priority to fight against terrorism and fraudulent activities, which is part of the reason why it is subjecting all their brands to such harsh regulations.


How is this beneficial for you to know? Well, CySEC helps you, as an individual trader, to feel more confident and powerful on your trading journey. When you are trading on a platform that is regulated by this body, you know that the platform would never allow any breaches or mistakes. Because if that would have happened, the trust would be lost, and traders would scatter to other platforms. Not to mention – huge fees and punishments would be imposed for the platform itself. This is why FXVC always keeps in check by regularly complying with CySEC requests and regulations.


Product Offering

As a brand, FXVC aims to be as inclusive as possible. That’s why, whether you are an avid stock trader or you are looking to dip your toes into some cryptocurrency trading, you will find something you like in no time.

FXVC has created its own proprietary trading platform, which is ensured with many safety firewalls and security systems. This is quite important when doing business online – any business, but especially the one that has a lot of money at stake. In the case of FXVC, the platform encrypts all of the information you are inputting, making it impossible to be traced or abused in anyway.


When you visit their platform, you can choose between 4 major asset groups:


  1. CFDs – contract for difference for short, this a new and exciting way to trade without unnecessary fees and commissions. When you choose a CFD, you are not owning any real asset – rather, you are speculating on the direction in which its value is gonna go. That way, a lot of the pressure is taken away from you, so you can focus on making the smartest trading decision
  2. currency pairs – the currency pair of the world are traded in one unique market called Forex (Foreign Exchange). This type of market is special for many things, one of them being that it is always open, except for holidays. This is the place where you are sure to keep updated and on top of your game, since it is one of the most liquid markets in the world
  3. stocks – of course, the stock exchange is one of the longest standing traditions, and FXVC acknowledges that. You can watch how the stocks of the biggest companies in the world are being traded in real time and act accordingly
  4. cryptocurrencies – who can forget about Bitcoin? Cryptocurrencies are taking over the world for the past couple of years, and getting in on the action is even easier with FXVC. This way you can track how they are performing on the world trading market, while assessing their individual goals and achievements.


Trade Execution

With the fast-paced world of trading, customers want everything done as efficiently as possible. This is one of FXVC’s main achievements. No matter which type of payment method you choose, the trade executions process is instant. In addition to low and stable spreads, FXVC aims to bring you as much safety as possible in trading.


Each trader can request their own broker to help with this process. That way, you can establish a long-lasting relationship of trust with your broker, who will be there to guide you through any hardships you might stumble upon along the way.


Trading Tools

Education is of outmost importance, and trading is no different. This is why FXVC is constantly improving their educational section with e-books, economic calendar, video tutorials and other learning materials.


As you progress through different account types that FXVC has to offer, you will be presented with a wider range of educational tools. From expert analysis to regular SMS and notification announcements, your trading journey is sure to become a lot more exciting and filled with new tips and tricks.


These trading tools are accommodated neatly through an extremely well-designed trading platform. Easy to use and adjust to, FXVC platform is transparent and simple to follow. With different types of charts and appealing colors, watching the market performance is easier than ever before.


Customer Support

FXVC customer support consists of a team of staff which are knowledgeable and efficient – everything you want customer support to be. You can reach them through many different channels including phone, e-mail and chat. You query will be addressed within 24 hours maximum. And if you find it easier to do your own research – you can redirect to FXVC FAQ page. This page is regularly updated with new answers for your convenience, so you can begin your trading journey as effortlessly as possible.



Finding the trading platform of your dreams is a challenge unlike any other. Many ups and downs along the way could make you feel discouraged, which is why we created this FXVC review in hopes to make your job a little easier. With a user-friendly platform and reliable regulatory body, FXVC strives to be at the top of the trading game. This is not easy since there are many platforms trying to do the same. However, these are some of the most distinctive features which make FXVC stand out much more easily.