The art of trading has been present in our modern history longer than you can imagine. The first types of trading were taking place back in the era of Paleolith – where the hunters exchanged the fruits of their labor with one another. According to the historic record from the Stone Age, South West Asia was the first-ever type of trading place. There, the expert analysts show proof of ancient deposits and exchanges. They were made with the Mediterranean region, including mostly their tools and utensils. Later on, the archeology connects us to a rollercoaster of new evidence of widespread trading in Egypt and other parts of North Africa. They even go as far as the Sumerians in Mesopotamia and even Great Britain.

Cute story, right? Well, though it represents a rich and detailed part of our modern-day history, trading at its core was able to keep some of the ancient principles that worked well. This way, they continue to apply new and innovative ways of thinking. As a result, Forex trading platforms today are combining the most out of the two, seemingly different areas of market trading.

On our way of conducting thorough and detailed research of what trading platforms today have to offer, we have come across a relatively new name in the Forex  industry. Who is Securedvc? How did they come to be and what do they represent? Keep reading to find out how an honest and impartial Securedvc review looks like. We aim to provide you a straightforward Securedvc feedback.

Brand and Reliability

Early on, when you encounter the name of Securedvc Forex, you will notice their main goal in the trading business. Those are security and reliability. Namely, Securedvc is a new name that strives for perfection. And how do they do that? Well for starters, they continue to research and improve their overall image. This way, they hope to build the trust of the clients across the globe.

Securedvc does not discriminate – no matter where you’re from or how much (or little!) experience you might have, you are welcome to join. The platform encourages you to constantly explore and research new ways of trading. This way, with joined efforts, you can help the brand improve, and enjoy the success they share with you.

In this Securedvc review, we will also explore some less-known facts about the market in its entirety and try to take away the stigma and present to you an honest picture of this alluring business and its mysterious parts.


Securedvc has one key goal in mind – providing the complete package of business services in trading. From different types of trading assets to advanced marketing strategies, the brand will guide you through your trading adventure step by step.

As the name would suggest, the brand aims to provide you with the utmost security since the very first step you take on the market. Especially today, with widespread of the internet, you have a tough choice of who to put your trust in. Securedvc aims to reassure you by creating the safest possible trading environment. From enforcing cutthroat policies to building impermeable firewalls, nothing is too big when it comes to your protection.

Safety and Security

When you click on the “Terms & Conditions” section of the website, a new window of opportunity shows up. You will notice that this brand makes it clear right away that they do not negotiate when it comes to the safety of their clients. They aim to impose strict measures when it comes to trading and this way, they contribute to the improvement of the entire trading community.

On the road of completing this goal, Securedvc vows to work closely with law enforcement in order to prevent money laundering, fraud and terrorist acts that aim to disrupt the trading world. This is an issue that was present within businesses since early history. Luckily, as they grow, the measures of protection improve as well. This way, your safety is put on a top spot as a number one priority for trading platforms.

Further along, you can read all about the Securedvc plans to contribute the law officials in combating these issues and protecting you, your information and your funds. As you continue scrolling, you will find different sections that further explain each part of the website in great detail.

Registration Process

As with any other reputable platform, Securedvc imposes strict regulations when it comes to the very first step – creating your account. Of course, you need to be at least 18 years of age if you wish to engage in trading. This is a standard restriction, which is present in almost every other part of your life – from voting to driving.

Furthermore, you will need to give your permission for use of the information you provide. The website kindly notes that they will not use all the info you input for anything other than your account creation. The encryptions which Securedvc applies makes it impossible for anyone to use that information for any other purpose. Not even the company’s top officials! This way, your trust is secure and intact while you trade.

One other important fact that you are agreeing to when creating your account is that you will not help others to try and abuse the generosity of the market. All of the processes that go on while trading is confidential. So, any attempt of fraud or money laundering will be punished harshly. Don’t say you haven’t been warned!

What is KYC?

Short for “Know Your Customer”, this is a type of regulation that prevents identity theft, and overall ensures safety within the world of finance. In addition to verifying your identity as a part of the creation of your account, KYC is applied in other aspects of trading and banking. Mainly, it is used as a measure of anti-bribery. It takes into consideration not only clients but also agents, consultants, and distributors. Banks and other institutions today make it their priority to ensure that the identity of their customers is legit, so they can prevent any damage or abuse within the financial world.

Main standards of the KYC regulation include:

  • customer acceptance policy – this is the main part of the verification process. It includes the acceptance of your information based on their reliability
  • customer identification procedures – proving your identity by providing relevant documentation. These include your ID card or a copy of your passport
  • monitoring of transactions – each deposit or withdrawal made through a platform is monitored with utmost strictness and top technologies. This is important not only to ensure safety but also transparency.

Risk Management

No matter how involved you are in market trading, the first thing you need to know is that it is quite risky. Like in any other business, there are ups and downs. And though you cannot fully protect yourself from the risk, you can take some preventative measures. The most important one is educating yourself in order to try and be prepared for hard times.

Trading is quite risky, but that is the basis of its appeal, too. Leverage is one of the most important factors that contribute to your success in the market. Based on it, you can decide on your individual exposure to the market. This way, you will be able to decide on the spread of your investment, as well as its use of different types of assets.

Trading Platform

The Securedvc trading platform is the embodiment of all the features we listed before. From security to asset availability, eventually, it all comes down to the platform and how appealing it is. At Securedvc, you have the advantage of an easy-to-use platform. This platform displays all the assets and shows you their performance.

Here, you can watch how different stocks, currencies, and indices are performing on the market in real-time, no matter where you are. The huge advantage of the Forex trading market is that it is always open. Regardless of your time zone, you can always engage without fear of missing out.

And if all the numbers, rows and columns seem rather confusing, don’t stress! You can redirect your attention to the appealing charts, which show how a certain asset is taking on a trend. Simple colors and symbols make it quite easy to catch on and keep up with the excitement on the market.


In the end, the trading platform you choose can only take you so far. And while Securedvc provides a lot of advantages, you remain an independent trader. This way, all the risks and fears fall on your back, and you are the one that gets to face the consequences. This is why it is especially important to have a secure and reliable platform to guide you through it all.

Securedvc capable team of brokers and staff are available for all the questions you may have. By creating this direct and open relationship you will gain a sense of stability and comfort you need to take over the world of trading. This brand aims to gain and keep your trust by keeping a transparent insight into their operations. That way, you can always ask a question or raise a concern without fear of not being acknowledged. Let’s wait and see if the Securedvc brand will be able to stand the test of time!