Before I begin, I have to admit that I had quite a tough time researching all of the different trading platform available on the market today. At first I thought – “Hey! This is the era of the Internet and advanced technologies! Finding a perfect platform will be a breeze!” Boy, was I wrong. I got so caught up in trying out and visiting all the different websites, clicking relentlessly on the shiny ads and overall getting caught up in the glossy promises. And let me tell you, it is quite a tricky road to go down on.


Look, I’m not gonna lie to you – trading is as tricky as ever. We all know it is risky, but also rewarding. But what I didn’t know, what I could never have imagined is that starting out would be so difficult! I admit, I made a common mistake of wanting and chasing the most with a minimum effort… I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. So, what happened next?


First, I said to myself – “Look, you got this. If you just keep a cool head on your shoulders and your eyes on the prize, you know you got this!” And sure enough, I managed to insert that energy into my research, and found a platform that shares my exact values.


When I first heard the name of YorkCG, I got instantly attracted to it. Personally, it reminded me of New York – the concrete jungle where dreams come true. The home of Wall Street, the most successful and promising market on the planet. Wall Street has suffered some major setbacks over the course of history – you probably heard about the big crash of 1929. Those were devastating times for the entire country, but Wall Street managed to pull through in the end.


So, call me sentimental – but this was my first thought. Strength and reliability that YorkCG has showed later down the road only proved me right. With YorkCG, I was able to carefully plan my trading strategy and execute it with little effort. Their team of staff is amazing, the broker that contacted me was knowledgeable and more than happy to assist with any issues I may had along the way.


For starters, I wanted to go slow and easy, and only deposited the minimum of $250. Now that I think about it, I should’ve gone even higher. But hey, there is always another chance with another trading day, right? So, I wanted to be fully prepared and equipped for my start with YorkCG. Luckily, the platform offers so many different educational tools, which I found very encouraging.


So, I didn’t want to waste any time. I started watching tutorials and demo videos, and kept up with all the latest news. I can even brush up on my trading lingo or learn new terms through their variety of e-books available. What particularly stood out for me, and made choose this platform without a doubt is the fast execution. When you open a trade, your emotions go up and down, high and low as you watch the asset of your choosing perform on the market. And when it’s all over, you want the funds on your account immediately, right? Hey, you deserved it!


YorkCG is able to process your request in just a few days. For me, it took them 4 days to get all of the paperwork settled and put the funds on my account. And I gotta say… I was tempted to pull that money and go treat myself and my family to a fancy trip! However, I soon realized that the smartest way was to keep investing, and increase that cash. Wish me luck!