RosewoodTrust is a Forex and CFD broker that seems to be carving quite a promising path for itself. The brand was introduced back in 1986. So, what’s the verdict? So far, the comments by the clients I’ve stumbled upon are pretty satisfying. One of them even called it the next big thing, which sounds like a cliché, but I am down to try it out and see for myself. So, let’s see what are the other important features of RosewoodTrust, shall we?

Account Types

There is one thing I like to see when I enter the broker’s website — variety of account types. This shows how much they care about their clients, since each broker needs to provide accounts for different trading appetites.

RosewoodTrust has numerous options, and I am pleased to see that. If you are considering becoming their client, you will find something that fits your taste, for sure. From minimal deposits, great and flexible leverage, to webinars. They provided something for everyone.


RosewoodTrust gathers around traders with different levels of trading education and proficiency. And you can use that to your advantage, by watching their performance and picking up the useful tips and advice, as well as learning about trends and other educational tools.

Education is a tool which you can always use to your advantage. You can improve yourself daily, and also keep updated with many other new ways of acquiring new knowledge in the trading industry. RosewoodTrust has made sure they provide one of each when it comes to educating yourself to become a successful trader.

When you look at it like that, creating a trading strategy of your own can be quite an enjoyable process. You can learn a lot through it not only about the trading itself but also about your own learning abilities and skills.

First, you can find much useful information about the current market events as well as research how they can affect the asset of your choice. You can also read through eBooks which you can download to any device and boost your learning anytime, anywhere. Also, the section containing video tutorials and useful articles are regularly updated, which takes away the need to visit other websites to get informed.

Education is key for any form of trading, and RosewoodTrust is aware of that. No matter which trading strategy you choose or which asset you are trading, educational tools will help you take your trading to the next level.


The website is as appealing as you would imagine. It combines the perfect mix of trendy and traditional, so it can be suitable for both first timers like me, and well-established brokers who know what they are looking for and what they want to achieve. When it comes to trading CFDs, Forex, Commodities or other assets, there are a lot of things to consider since each one is different. Over time, you can create your own unique trading style, as well as pick up some advice and useful skills by watching other traders do their thing.

The RosewoodTrust trading platform is quite well organised and seems to be up to the highest standards. It contains every section you could possibly think of, from CFDs and currency pairs to crypto and commodities. Each one of these assets come with a unique opportunity to improve your portfolio and boost your trading skills, so let’s find out how RosewoodTrust can help you do that.


Trading CFDs has become one of the most wanted trading activities for many reasons. First one that comes to mind is that the leverage is particularly satisfying. Also, trading CFDs is particularly suitable for first-timers since the rules are simple and easy to follow. The biggest advantage of trading CFDs is that you do not own any particular asset. Rather, you are just speculating on where its price will go next, and gain profits based on the difference. This takes a lot of the pressure away from the trading itself, so a lot of traders usually turn to it as their first quest on the trading adventure.

Considering that you do not actually own the asset, there are a lot of cost cuts as well as less time needed for the execution of each trade. In addition, the spreads are a lot more satisfying and offer you greater chances for success. With CFDs, the regulation is usually looser than you might have grown accustomed to, which is another attractive feature you can use to your advantage.


What is Forex? This term is starting to come up on the market more and more often, so we should consider its use and benefits. The Forex market is quite unique in many ways. First, it is the number 1 most liquid market in the world, with the daily turnover of above $5 trillion. Can you imagine how much money is that and how much time and effort is required to keep things going smoothly?

Forex is a place where you can trade currency pairs 24/7, which is another big difference in comparison with other assets. Whenever you feel like it, whether if it’s the middle of the night or early on the weekend, you can engage with your favourite currency pairs and speculate on their price and value. You can also trade indices like the S&P500.


At RosewoodTrust, you can trade a variety of commodities, from precious metals to oil and gas. This section is particularly rich because there are a few assets among them that can make or break your day on the market. Let me explain.

Gold, for example, is considered a safe-haven asset. In other words, this means that this asset is expected to retain its value even through hardships, and assure you the return on your investment. In addition, gold also serves as a signal on the market, since the stocks usually move in the opposite direction of it. You can use this trick to determine not only how your commodities trading game plan will go, but how you can also benefit from trading stocks.


One of the most obvious ways in which the company gives back to the clients and proves their dedication over and over again is providing an efficient customer support team. RosewoodTrust is clearly aiming to win an award with their customer support agents, who are both prompt but detailed, knowledgeable but yet use simple language which everyone can understand.

You can contact them through the live chat option, which is personally my favourite. The agents are available right away, and you can keep them on the line as long as you need. Also, you can use the email option which is always safe.


Considering the huge variety of assets RosewoodTrust offers to its clients, it is no surprise that they also offer the same when it comes to the payment methods. Here, you can find one of each. From the traditional credit and debit cards to e-wallets and even old-fashioned bank wire transfers.

The time needed for your withdrawal request to be processed may seem long, but keep in mind that the RosewoodTrust team uses it to verify your information, so they can make sure your funds are completely secured. Not a lot of trading companies are so dedicated to processing every single request made by the clients, so RosewoodTrust definitely has an advantage when it comes to their dedication to accuracy and security.

Should You Trade With RosewoodTrust?

The overall image I have for this broker is excellent. This RosewoodTrust review showed us that we are dealing with a legitimate broker, who takes good care of clients and their funds. That said, I can recommend them without any hesitation.