Wonder Coins is owned and operated by the Solanit OU company which is based in Tallin, Estonia. The company is highly regulated and respected within the crypto exchange community. This is no surprise considering that the European market is one of the strictest ones when it comes to fine those who do not respect the rules of fair play in the trading environment.

The company is primarily focused on giving you the opportunity to trade Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) for now, but they are planning to add a bigger variety in the future. This may seem like you only have a few options, however, the crypto exchange world is a lot more exciting than meets the eye. Each cryptocurrency can be bought or sold for a suggested rate and exchanged for the FIAT currency of your choice. This way, there are much more options for trading when compared to CFDs or commodities, for example.

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At Wonder Coins, you may be surprised to learn the fact that there are no different account types. This is quite common for cryptocurrency exchange, so it shouldn’t bother you at all. This way, also, you won’t have to feel like you are constantly competing with others (or yourself!) to achieve more and move up the ladder quicker. Instead, look at it like this: everyone starts at square one, and from then on, the possibilities are endless. You achievements are depending entirely up to you.

Still, the account creation process may seem like a hassle at first. Aside from the standard requirement to enter your basic information, you will also have to provide valid documentation to verify it. The details of this process are explained in detail in the KYC (Know Your Customer) policy. Namely, this is a universal document that all respectable brands use in order to ensure safety for you while you’re trading. It is used to prevent serious crimes such as identity theft, fraud and other harmful activities.


When it comes to educational tools you can use at Wonder Coins, they are divided into different sections that will suit your level of trading knowledge and skills. It is always useful to start at the beginning so you won’t miss anything. That’s why we recommend starting at the beginning just so you can be sure that you covered your basics. And though there are no separate tabs you can click on and find new things, think of the entire Wonder Coins website as one huge educational spot.

One important part that you should dismiss on the home page is definitely the Frequently Asked Questions section. Here you can find answers to anything regarding both the company and cryptocurrency exchange. Also, you won’t ever feel the need to check any other website when it comes to learning about Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well. Their history, origin and even some fun facts can all be found at this section of the page.



Having a fast and efficient trading platform is a must in today’s fast-paced trading environment. Because if there isn’t one, all you will get is more interruptions and stress, while you should be focusing on making your trading experience great and memorable. That’s why Wonder Coins put a lot of effort and knowledge into creating this user-friendly and approachable platform with a lot of advanced options, too.

You can begin trading as early as when you visit the homepage. Just scroll down a bit and you will be able to see the latest values and market performance for both Bitcoin and Ethereum. The values are displayed in EUR, which shouldn’t surprise you since this is a European crypto exchange platform.

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Wonder Coins is constantly looking to improve their operations, and one of the best ways to do so is to listen and apply the comments and suggestions from their valued clients. That’s why they opened social media profiles to all the users who wish to ask a question, make a suggestion or just keep informed regarding the latest events on the crypto exchange market.

For more traditional traders that like one-on-one contact, there are other options to look at. One of the quickest ways to contact them is through the live chat option, which is available in the bottom right corner of the homepage. Here, you will be connected with the agent available in just a few seconds.

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Also, you can use the option of calling them on the number they provided or writing them an e-mail. A similar option to this one is to fill out a form on the bottom of the home page, which will be responded in 48 hours maximum.


The process of funding your account is quite simple, but more importantly, it is fully secured. You only need to click on the buy or sell option for the cryptocurrency of your choice, and the platform will take care of the rest for you. Wonder Coins has provided several payment methods for this purpose, including credit and debit cards, bank wire transfers and of course, e-wallets. Because no crypto exchange could be complete without them!

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Depending on the payment option of your choice, the time for processing your request can go up to 5 business days. E-wallets, for example, are processing these requests for deposits and withdrawals in a matter of minutes, while the other two mainly depend on your bank’s policy. The most important thing to note within this section is that Wonder Coins offers the option of cancelling your request and giving you a refund in case you change your mind about withdrawing your money.

Is Wonder Coins a Reliable Exchange?

In this Wonder Coins review, we aimed to present to you both good and bad sides of trading cryptocurrencies with this European brand. What we can conclude is that there are far more advantages to trading with Wonder Coins crypto exchange than any other crypto trading brand that is currently on the market. Wonder Coins is definitely a good choice for both beginners and professionals alike.