Aussie Trust is a broker company registered in Australia, which says a lot about its image and reputation. As you may already know, the Australian market is quite harsh, with many strict rules that the brands need to follow. Maybe that is the main reason why there aren’t many Australian brokers to choose from in the first place. Luckily, Aussie Trust is here to fill that void. With this broker company, you can trade CFDs, Forex and cryptocurrencies completely safely, with a trusted platform and a lot of benefits.

But that’s only the beginning. Aussie Trust provides you with a lot of choices not only for trading, but also for learning new things about the trading environment and the advantages of indulging into this popular activity. In addition, the safety is at the utmost level with Aussie Trust. They have made sure to provide you with the top-notch encryptions, firewalls and other security measures to make your trading as enjoyable and secure as possible.

aussie trust review

So, what is the secret of the Aussie Trust success? Let’s see in this Aussie Trust review.

The platform was created with the goal of including the wide variety of traders, as well as people who never even thought about trying to trade. Aussie Trust shows you how easy and fun it can be, but also how you can benefit from your commitment to everyday trading. Let’s see what else is important to know about Aussie Trust.


Aussie Trust team takes into consideration that there are many types of trader personalities out there. Each client comes to the platform with a different goal in mind. For example, some users wish to trade CFDs, while for others their true passion is currency pairs. Then, there are also people who came to see how they can benefit from many educational instruments that are available on the platform, or maybe try out some bonuses.


Whatever the reason may be, Aussie Trust welcomes you and invites you to try out some of the many features available. You can do so by signing up for one of the 4 available account types, which are listed in the section with the same name. The basic account is the silver one, which offers you a chance to trade with over 200 different assets. Then, there is the gold account that gives you regular updates about the latest market events and changes within the trading environment that you should pay attention to.

The platinum account gives you the benefit of bonuses and promotions, as well as much better spreads than the previous ones. In the end, there is also a special VIP account type that you can access only with an invitation since it is reserved for the most loyal clients.


At Aussie Trust, you can find many useful educational tools that are basically required in today’s trading. Since the trading environment is so hectic and unpredictable, you want to do everything in your power to be prepared, right? Aussie Trust is well aware of the importance of education. Not only that – they are also certain that education is equally beneficial for both the company and its clients. Because together they can contribute to a better and brighter trading future.

As a result of that idea, Aussie Trust is giving you the option to learn more about the market and yourself as a trader through different tools. First, they provided in-depth eBooks, which you can download at any device and take with you. Then, you can read the Asset Index section that shows you which are the trading hours for each asset. The Frequently Asked Questions page is quite handy since it takes away the need to contact support in case your question was asked a lot by other traders. All in all, this section is quite satisfying and helpful.


Aussie Trust trading platform is quite appealing and easy to use. It contains many different sections for all the assets that are available for trading. It also shows you the most important facts of each one such as leverage and margin. Also, the information is regularly updated and you can watch how the assets are performing on the market in real-time.


Also, the great thing about the platform is that you can review all your previous trades and see what you might have missed. This type of data is quite important for many reasons. Mainly, it can help you detect some patterns in your own trading behaviour, which can then assist you with creating a strategy. Also, the charts can be a handy way to determine trends and learn from them, as well as try to predict where the value of a certain asset will go next.


The customer support team at Aussie Trust is quite easy to reach. They made sure to provide as much communication channels as possible, for your convenience. First, the most popular option is definitely the live chat, which is located at the bottom right part of the page. Here, you can connect with the available agent in just a few seconds. They are quite friendly and patient, which is always a good thing and an advantage for the entire company.

Then, if you wish to speak to the agent yourself you can call them on the phone number they provided. The waiting times are a bit longer for this type of contact, which is standard. Also, there is the option of filling out a form where you can explain your issue or sending them an e-mail. These two are similar, and the waiting times can go up to 24 hours which is pretty admirable.


The process of depositing and withdrawing your money is simple. Aussie Trust made sure to provide you with many different payment methods. As a result, you can use your credit or debit card, bank wire transfer or e-wallets. Also, there is no additional fees or commissions for these requests, which is great.


The waiting times for processing these requests can be different depending on the payment method. On one hand, there are the e-wallets which can take only up to a few minutes to process. However, bank wire transfer may take the longest since this option is a bit more traditional. In the end, there is also the credit and debit cards option, which can, again, depend on your bank’s policy.


As we can see in this Aussie Trust review, this is a reliable broker with many advantages and things to offer for their clients. They have many years of experience on the market, so they definitely know what they are doing. In addition, the trading platform is appealing and user friendly, which is required in today’s hectic life.