Infinity Capital is not a household name in the online trading industry. While some of the closest competitors have been around for several decades at this point, this brokerage was founded in the midst of 2020. Last year proved to be a pivotal point in the lives of many traders. When everything else seems to be crashing down, the online trading industry witnessed a huge boom. It is weird that it took a full-blown pandemic to convince people that trading from the comfort of one’s home is a good way to increase the income. Infinity Capital was one of the companies who tried to compete in an already saturated market, and in our review, we will find how they positioned themselves and whether they succeeded in creating a good trading environment.

At face value, Infinity Capital doesn’t stand out from its competitors. The website isn’t spectacular by any means, but one thing managed to catch our attention. If you pay close enough attention, you will notice that there are no lavish promises on the homepage. All the language is directed at presenting Infinity Capital features and presenting its benefits. This is good for a simple reason – we noticed that a lot of scammers in this industry tend to attract newcomers by making extravagant promises and trying to lure in as many traders possible before their true intentions are revealed. Infinity Capital is humbler in their approach. This does not mean that they are without any fault, but it is a good start. Read the rest of our review to discover all pros and cons of trading with this brokerage so that you can determine for yourself whether they are worthy of your time and money.



Infinity Capital extends its user-friendly approach into its account type offering. There are four different to choose from. All of them are catered to address different needs, ambitions and budgets, so that pretty much everyone will be able to find what they are looking for. Unfortunately, there is no demo account for you to test the platform and the overall trading conditions. The Basic account starts off at just €250, so at least the entry barrier has not been set too high. At this price, you get pretty much everything you need to seriously start trading. However, if you need more advanced tools and features, you should start to consider some higher tier options. Here is a detailed breakdown of all the account types at Infinity Capital:

  • Basic

Like we mentioned, €250+ is the asking price. You get access to all 200 tradable assets and a decent starting leverage of up to 100. Additionally, you get daily market reviews to help you stay up to date with all the market events in order to properly adapt your trading strategy.

  • Silver

The Silver account requires a deposit of €10,000+. If you have confidence in your skills, then this should be your starting point. In addition to the full access to the platform, you receive your own dedicated senior account manager to help run your account. This lets you focus more on the trading itself, so this is a big plus. Monthly webinars, bonus funds and gold spreads also become available at this tier.

  • Gold

This is where things start to get more serious. The gold account type allows you to take your trading game to the next level by introducing perks like trading signals, financial and risk management planning special venture promotions and many other. To acquire the gold account, you are required to make a €25,000+ deposit. This might seem like a hefty price at first but is definitely worth it if you can make use of everything available.

  • Platinum

Platinum account type is definitely not for everyone. Asking for €100,000+ deposits will be a tough pill to swallow for all but the most hardcore traders. At this level, you gain access to VIP spreads and leverage, complete access to trade room analysis, private analyst sessions. Prioritized withdrawal process and much more. If you can afford it, we would definitely recommend jumping right in and experiencing the platinum tier for yourself.



Infinity Capital offers a wide range of tradable assets. You can preview all of them in the trading platform. This brokerage doesn’t stick to the industry standard solutions but offers its own web-based solution. Luckily, navigation is a breeze, and you can easily locate the assets you require. There are more than 200 to choose from and they are all divided into several categories:

  • Indices
  • Stocks
  • Forex
  • Crypto
  • Commodities

At a glance, you can see each stocks’ buy and sell price, as well as the overall performance change since the last session. This way a move in the right direction so we have to applaud Infinity Capital for the stellar work they did on their platform in regard to asset approachability. You can endlessly browse the available instruments or use the search engine to quickly locate any individual asset. This makes building your dream portfolio super easy.



As we previously mentioned, Infinity Capital foregoes the traditional trading platform choice. The official story is that the founders were traders themselves, and they wanted to make trading more accessible to the everyday person, whilst trying to balance the complexity of features that is necessary for the experienced traders. The more time we spent trading, the more we started to believe this. But firstly, let us break down the user experience.

Infinity Capital offers a web-based platform that is easy on the eye. Navigating is a seamless experience, as everything is laid out in a logical order, and you will not spend large amounts of time simply trying to locate what you need. The majority of the screen is reserved for the real-time performance monitor. Here you can see present and past data on each selected asset. This section is interactable and you can perform analysis thanks to the supplied tools. This is very valuable, and you will be spending the majority of your time here analysing current and predicting future trends.

In addition, there are numerous shortcuts on the left. Here you can access your opened and closed positions, make deposits and withdrawals and access your account. This was done to maintain trader immersion. You are never taken out of the experience and this is a move we would like to see on other trading platforms as well.



Whenever you need assistance, Infinity Capital will have you covered. Their support system is bi-lingual (English and German) and you can communicate with their representatives in a variety of ways. One thing to keep in mind is their operating hours. All channels are open Monday to Friday, whit chat team working from 09:00 – 14:00 GMT, and phone operators working from 07:00 – 13:00 GMT. Regardless of your choice, you will be greeted with a polite and professional person. All the issues we threw their way, they were able to address in a moments notice. Finally, there is the F.A.Q. page if you prefer to explore and deal with issues on your own. The only thing we would love to see improved is the introduction of other languages. According to Infinity Capital, this should be resolved in the current year, but for now, English and German are your only choices.


Infinity Capital supports all the mainstream payment methods. You can make deposits and withdrawals using credit cards, wire transfers od Bitcoin transfers. While the experience is very consistent when it comes to deposits, when making withdrawals, the situation could be different for different people. Upon investigating, we found out the main reason for this inconsistency. It can occur due to different bank policies. Because of this, we would advise checking with your bank beforehand to save yourself from troubles in the long run. The good thing in all this is that this brokerage manages to secure your funds, by keeping them separate accounts. This is how many serious brokerages establish client trust in the long run. When everything works as it should, you can expect all transfers to execute within seconds.



At the end of our Infinity Capital review, we have to mention once again just how we were satisfied with our overall experience. The choice to go with a new, unproven platform was a bold one, but in our minds, it will pay off in a long run, especially once a larger amount of traders becomes familiarized with it. Coupled with a great support and educational system, Infinity Capital offers a full package for traders of all levels. If this is your first time trading, rest assured you are in the right place. Your first steps will be painless, and you can start growing your trading career in a safe environment.