One of the first things we want to check are account types. Honestly speaking, if we don’t see at least three different options, we cannot call that broker a professional. The most important thing is to offer diversity to clients and now we will see if 365 Trading FX understands that.

Every detail is located on the Account Types page in the main menu. There are four different accounts and you can choose one according to the level of experience. But before we even begin with that, it’s important to know that 365 Trading FX offers over 200 tradable assets. You can choose between CFDs, Forex, Indices, Stocks, Cryptocurrencies, and Commodities and all of them are available for every account. Simply choose an asset class that you prefer and after that, select the desired asset.

As we already told, the main difference between those accounts is the level of experience. There is a Basic one that’s the best choice for people who are just stepping into the Forex world. It won’t bring you many opportunities but as the name says, you will get a basic package for a perfect start. So, the Basic account includes leverage up to 1:100, market review and all tradable assets.

Of course, if this doesn’t satisfy your trading appetite, you can always choose a Silver account. The only requirement is to deposit 10,000 EUR but in return, you will get the market review, senior account manager, bonus funds, leverage up to 1:200, Gold spreads, financial planning and monthly webinars.

After the Silver one, we have a Gold account. Within it, you will get everything we mentioned above but of course, some things are improved. For example, leverage is 1:300 this time. Spreads go from 0.5 pips and there is tier-2 room analysis. But there is one condition, you need to deposit at least 25,000 EUR.

Lastly, we have the Platinum account that has a minimum deposit requirement of 100,000 EUR. This is an account for experienced traders, and you will be able to enjoy excellent leverage that goes up to 1:400. Spreads are VIP, you will have complete access to trade room analysis, prioritized withdrawal level-1, access to lucrative VIP events, complete access to webinars and bonus funds. As you can see, everything is subordinated to you as a client.

Apparently, 365 Trading FX created accounts for every level of experience and budget. That said, you will be able to enjoy something that completely suits your preferences without adapting to some trading accounts that don’t fit you a hundred percent.



Knowledge improvement can bring you only one thing — better skills that will help you reach your goals. That’s why it is extremely important to have a good education on a website. After all, if you choose to give your trust to a broker, you deserve to have every opportunity for improvement.

365 Trading FX has a page on the website that’s dedicated just to free education. There, you can read eBooks, Glossary and Asset Index and familiarise yourself with Beginners Strategies eBook, Capital Management and tradable assets.

Of course, if you open an account and become a member, you will receive even more material. There are organised webinars, courses and personalised education. Overall, we found more than we expected at the beginning.


The first two things we saw about 365 Trading FX fulfilled our expectations completely. We love the way this broker does business and that’s why we are excited to see that top-notch technology is implemented on the website.

You should know that you won’t find MetaTrader here. For some people, this might be disappointing, but for us, it’s a big refreshment. Especially once we tried the web-based platform that is offered. You can access this platform on the website and there is no need to download anything. Simply open that page and that’s it. The best thing of all, it’s optimised and responsive. No matter the device, you will be able to open it without any interruption. This saves a lot of time and we appreciate that we finally have an option to trade from a website instead of an app that has to be installed.

So, once you open the trading platform page, everything might seem a bit complicated. Well, once you start navigating through it, you will realise it’s not complicated at all. There are different tools and all of them are located in the right position. Also, you can practice before you open an account because this broker allows you to see and try every detail before you start trading. Transparency is a big part of 365 Trading FX and that’s one of the things we like the most about it.

The design is neat and the whole platform is divided into three categories. On the left, you will see details about the account and from there you can deposit, withdraw or contact support. So, you will be able to manage your account without leaving the page which is great. The middle part is where all tradable assets are listed. The first thing you have to do is choose the asset category and then select the desired asset. Once you do that, a chart will appear on the right side of the screen. We are talking about a fully customisable chart that can be adjusted anytime you want. You can change it completely, arrange all details and make it suitable for you.

The last thing we can say is that this platform fulfilled our expectations and we are excited to see something new and unique that works without interruptions.



If you have a need to contact the support, you can do that using one of four different methods. Email, phone call (there are phone lines for Australia, the United Kingdom and Canada), online form, and Live Chat. The operating hours are Monday to Friday 04:30 – 13:00 GMT and if you ask us, we would always recommend Live Chat. According to our experience, this is a method that provides the fastest answer.

Of course, we decided to test it and we sent a message on that chat. One of the customer representatives greeted us within a minute and gave us every answer that we needed. He was polite and educated and our experience was nothing but positive. So, if you have any problem while trading, customer support will solve it quickly.



365 Trading FX provided multiple options for funding. You can use a Credit Card, Bank Transfer or eWallet. The choice is on you, but you should know one thing — there is a requirement to use the same method for both deposits and withdrawals.

Let’s discuss the processing speed first because it’s impeccable. Deposits are instant and withdrawals take from seven to ten business days. This period of time is not long, since you have to go through the Identity Verification process to prove it’s really you behind the account. Aside from that, each account has a different prioritisation level. This means that the process can be much faster if you choose a Gold or Platinum account. So, this is the part where we are completely satisfied because there is nothing more annoying than waiting for weeks to receive money.

One other thing that proves 365 Trading FX can provide you with a secure environment for trading is the fact that this broker gives you an option to cancel a withdrawal request anytime. If you change your mind all of a sudden and decide that you want to keep trading instead of withdrawing money, you can make a request.

As the last part of the funding segment, we have to talk about commissions. If you go to the Terms and Conditions page, there is a section named Service Fees and Charges that contains every fee they charge. We have to say one thing, this broker doesn’t charge a lot and that’s a great thing. Most importantly, we are talking about one transparent broker that created a list of fees and you won’t have negative surprises while trading. For example, there is one fee named the Dormant Account Fee. This is a commission that will be automatically deducted from your account if you are not active for more than 30 consecutive days. We completely understand why this fee is implemented and there is nothing negative we can say about this part.

365 Trading FX met all our expectations and as you can tell, this broker fulfilled all promises that were written on the website. You can open an account, deposit money and trade peacefully, knowing that you won’t be charged some fees that you didn’t even know exist.


As you can see, there is not a single reason why you should skip this broker. It fulfils the promises, offers great trading conditions, support and proper education. Basically, this is everything that you need from a broker and you can have it in one place.