Let us tell you something about us. We have a long, long list of Forex brokers that we want to talk about with you. Today, we will cross Carter Williams from that list, because it’s time for an in-depth review about this broker.

It caught our attention recently. We wanted to find comments about one broker and all of a sudden Carter Williams appeared with so many positive reviews. That said, we didn’t have another choice but to see what this broker offers and how it treats its clients.


At the first glance, we were able to tell that Carter Williams created accounts for different levels of experience. Here, it doesn’t matter how long you are in the trading world, all that matters is that you are eager to learn and improve your skills with time. Each of these accounts offers you the possibility to trade with more than 200 trading assets and read all market reviews.

The first account is Basic, and the leverage is 1:100. As you can tell, this is the most basic account that is created for people who are stepping into the Forex world. You can deposit just 250 EUR and that’s basically it, you can start trading with a deposit that low.

With a Silver account, you will have to deposit at least 10,000 EUR. This time, more things await you and you will be able to enjoy all the benefits that dedicated senior account manager brings as well as the bonus funds, Gold spreads, leverage up to 1:200, financial and risk management planning, special venture promotions, monthly webinars and prioritized withdrawal process (Level 3). This is a serious offer, we have to say, and the minimum deposit requirement is more than reasonable.

Gold account is the third one on the list. The only requirement is to deposit at least 25,000 EUR and that will bring you all those benefits that we mentioned in the Silver account. Of course, you will get other things as well, and some of those things are the leverage up to 1:300, Platinum spreads, Tier 2 trade room analysis, weekly webinars and prioritized withdrawal process level 2.

Lastly, we have the highest account which is called Platinum. The minimum deposit requirement for Platinum members is 100,000 EUR. Among all those trading benefits, you will get VIP spreads, complete access to trade room analysis and webinars, private analyst sessions, prioritized withdrawal process level 1 and leverage up to 1:400.

Account types like this explain a lot why people are so interested in this broker. Needless to say, other parts of the business are equally important but speaking of trading conditions, this broker passed the test. It proved to us that clients do come first here and that’s the reason we were enthusiastic to continue this Carter Williams review and move on straight to educational material that is part of an offer.



If there is one thing we always have to emphasize in our reviews, it’s the importance of proper Forex education. That is something you cannot skip even if you have years of experience. The market changes continuously and you have to adapt to those changes and learn something new each day.

That said, we went through the whole Carter Williams website, to see if this broker provided enough eBooks and video lessons for its clients. Luckily, the number of eBooks is excellent, and they cover almost everything. From basic trading analysis and advanced strategies to CFDs and trading in general. And the best thing of all, those eBooks are completely free.

Carter Williams made sure to provide educational material to every person who visits the website. It doesn’t matter if you open an account or not, you will be able to read all those books. This is an excellent way to see if someone’s explanations are suitable for you or not and we appreciate Carter Williams for putting some free books on the website.

Needless to say, if you open an account and start trading, you will have access to numerous courses and personalised education. Depending on the account type, you will have monthly/weekly/daily webinars and private analyst sessions.

Based on these resources, we can tell that Carter Williams takes good care of its clients. You will be equipped with top-notch educational material that can help you improve existing skills or gain new ones. So, if you are up to new knowledge, this broker is the right place for you.



Even if you don’t have a lot of experience, you know about a famous MetaTrader. This is an excellent solution, but honestly, we feel like it’s used too often. Brokers implement it as an easy way but in most cases, all we want to see is a unique trading platform that contains different trading tools. Well, that’s exactly what Carter Williams offers.

This is a web-based platform that allows you the option for customisation. Everything that you see can be arranged according to your preferences or trading needs. It’s done neatly and it is completely user-friendly. So, even if you have never seen it before, it will be easy to navigate through it. If you are used to using mobile or tablet for trading, don’t worry this one works flawlessly on every device. We tested it and not a single error occurred.

If this platform interests you, we have good news — you can test it before you open an account. Every website visitor can customise it and see how it looks without registering. This way, you will know if it suits you, how easy you can manage it and you can be certain you won’t have any objections. Our final judgement is that we have an excellent trading platform that is completely worth your time. We enjoyed it while we tested it and we are certain you will enjoy it equally if you decide to use it for trading.


As a contact method, you can contact them on the phone, send an email, fill the online form or use Live Chat. Either way, you will get a fast reply since this broker has a team of customer support agents who will give you in-depth explanations for every possible question.

We tested one of their methods, of course, and the one thing we can tell — they are more than polite. An agent reached back to us within a couple of minutes and provided us with answers. So, if there is something that’s unclear to you simply send a message.



When it comes to funding methods, Carter Williams offers you three different choices. You can use a Credit Card, Bank Transfer or eWallet. It all depends on your personal preference since there are no deposit fees. Also, there is a possibility to use multiple Credit Cards if you have a need. That comes with a little requirement, though. If you use this option, equal amounts of money will be transferred to those cards upon withdrawal. If there is any additional profit, it will be sent to your account with Bank Wire.

If you go with the eWallet method, Carter Williams will determine the exchange rate at the time the transfer is processed. Everything is transparent here and that’s a thing we like a lot about this broker.

When it comes to withdrawals, you need to use the same payment method that you used to deposit. Everything goes very fast and within seven to ten business days, you will have money in your bank account. Of course, all of that depends on the account type you chose. If you go with the Basic one, you will wait for the longest. With a Platinum account, you will have prioritized withdrawal level one and within a day, you will get the money.

Now that we discussed those payment methods, we can talk a bit about fees. Commissions are oftentimes omitted from the website. Usually, brokers add hidden fees and you learn about them once it is too late. Well, that shouldn’t worry you with Carter Williams. If you go to the Terms and Conditions page, everything is listed and there won’t be any negative surprises.

For example, we have an Overnight Fee and it may apply to each Forex or CFDs open position at the closing of the trading day. Also, there is a small withdrawal or inactivity fee, but that’s basically it. You won’t have to pay for anything else which is great.


To conclude this Carter Williams review, we can say this is a trustworthy broker that created an excellent trading opportunity for every client. If you are interested in different trading platforms and innovations, we advise you to open an account and start trading.