Online trading seems like a fun enough career. However, what most fail to understand is the sheer complexity of it. Without a good brokerage to rely upon, many traders end their careers prematurely. This is why it is essential to do your homework and only work with trusted brokerages. Today, we want to highlight one of the better trading experiences we had this year – Chelsea Investments. We traded with them for several weeks and want to share everything we encountered. Be sure to stick around until the end of the review to learn about all the highs and lows.

Their website is very professional and has all the information you might need. It is all laid out very intuitively so that you never have to waste time. This philosophy was something that we noticed many times when trading with Chelsea Investments. They wanted to minimize the downtime and maximize the actual trading part and it shows. Officially, they were founded by a group of industry veterans that wanted to address many common issues in this industry. The more time we spent trading, the more we believed them. But let’s break down all our findings into different segments, so they are easier to consume. By the end, you will get a pretty good idea of whether Chelsea Investments is a good broker.



There are several distinct account types on offer. This was done to accommodate traders of all levels. Not all of us have the same needs, ambitions or even budgets. It is nice to know Chelsea Investments acknowledges this. You can start your trading journey for as little as €250. This will qualify you for the Basic account. You get full access to the trading platform with a starting leverage of up to 100. Even more importantly, you get daily market reviews to keep you up to date with all the market events. This is good enough for anyone to test the platform and see whether they like the experience without having to break the bank.

If you want to upgrade, or are simply more ambitious from the start, there are three more accounts to choose from. Silver and Gold require deposits of €10,000 and €25,000 respectively. In return, they offer numerous perks that can all fit in three categories: education, quality of life and better trading conditions. You should consult the “account types” page to figure out which ones you need in your day-to-day trading. We would like to highlight trading signals and private analyst sessions, as they helped us the most.

Finally, there is the Platinum tier. It represents the best Chelsea Investments has to offer. For a hefty asking price of €100,000+, you get full access to everything they have. High volume traders should take note. Compared to the competition, this is incredible value for money. In the end, you have plenty of options to choose from, and you will be pleased with whatever tier your choose.



Brokerages have been investing in educating their clients for some time now. Chelsea Investments follows this trend carefully and even goes beyond expectations to deliver a pretty substantial system that has something to offer to both the novice and the expert traders. We already mentioned the list of educational benefits that each account type has. These include daily reviews, financial and risk planning management, webinars and much more. This content is mostly intended for intermediate to advanced users. It assumes you are familiarized with the world of online trading and builds upon that knowledge. If you are a complete beginner, do not worry, there is something for you too, and it is completely free.

On the websites’ homepage, you can find the Education Centre. It can be accessed by anyone. Even if you do not have an opened account, you can consume this content at any time. You can master the fundamentals with the help of the Glossary, Asset index, FAQ page and the eBooks section. The latter was really helpful, as it was well illustrated and easily digestible. You can learn a lot about the industry, and the trading platform from here. Certainly enough to be able to move onto more serious education tools that are located behind registration.



Chelsea Investments prides itself on building a brand new trading platform. While many brokerages nowadays just use some industry standard solutions such as Meta Trader, this brokerage goes the extra mile to deliver something instantly recognizable. In all our years of trading, we have never encountered something like this. The performance and stability of this platform are second to none. Its lightweight nature makes it perfect for analysts and high volume traders alike. You can make quick adjustments to your trading strategy and all of your commands are instantly executed without a millisecond of delay. This is incredibly valuable in such a quick-paced industry.

There are more than 200 assets to choose from. They are all neatly organized so that you can easily find what you are looking for. You can choose from Forex, Stocks, Commodities, Indices and Crypto. There is even a handy watchlist feature that makes monitoring several assets at the same time a breeze. Each asset holds key information such as buy and sells price, and with a single click, you can discover even more. We need to commend this intuitive and immersive design once more. You are also given numerous analysis tools. With these, you can easily spot and predict current and future trends which can be a great aid in your trading career.


We had no technical issues when trading with this broker. Still, we wanted to test how their customer support can handle inquiries. We were surprised by how efficient they were. There are three main ways to get in touch. You can write an email, contact the call centre, or interact with the Live Chat feature. Regardless of your preference, you can expect a polite and professional response. Chelsea Investments representatives were able to handle everything we threw at them with ease.



You can easily make deposits and withdrawals on Chelsea Investments using your credit card or debit card or wire transfer. Waiting times are comparable to all other brokerages. Deposits are pretty much instant, while withdrawal times can vary depending on numerous bank-related factors. In either case, you can rest assured that your money is safe.


Trading with Chelsea Investments has been one of the more pleasant experiences we had this year. They offer an amazing platform, class-leading customer support and a comprehensive education system. You can hardly ask for more than that, can you? We would love to see 24/7 support, but other than that Chelsea Investment is an excellent choice for traders of all levels and backgrounds.