Genius Investment Group is a Forex broker that can help you reach your trading goals even if you are not an expert in trading Stocks, Forex and Crypto. Apparently, you can expect a reliable trading platform and cutting-edge technology. To us, this is more than enough to gain interest so let’s see what kind of service Genius Investment Group really provides.



There is nothing better than starting a review with a very positive surprise and that’s exactly what happened here. Genius Investment Group offers six different account types and that’s one of the biggest offers we have seen so far.

Each person who decides to become a client will have an account that is suitable for their level of experience. So, for those people who are just stepping into the Forex world, there is an Amateur account. For those with a little bit more experience, we have Silver and Gold and for everyone who wants to trade like a professional, there are Marble, Diamond and Platinum accounts. We guarantee, there is not a single chance not to find an account that will suit your trading needs.

With an Amateur account, the deposit is just $250 and you have over 200 tradable assets, market reviews, good leverage and a personal manager. We cannot say those are the best trading conditions out there, but for an account that requires such a small deposit, they are. Of course, people who are already involved in the Forex market won’t find this account interesting, so let’s move on to another one that offers much more.

Silver account has a minimum deposit requirement of $5,000. All those things that you saw in the Amateur one are offered here, but as an addition, you will have three qualified signals per month and no maintenance fees.

The Gold account offers much more than that. For example, there are ten qualified signals per month, risk management team, artificial intelligence analysis and crypto arbitrage rate access. If this sounds interesting to you, you can become a Gold member if you deposit at least $10,000.

Now, we have an option called Marble and it has a minimum deposit requirement of $25,000. Within this account, you will have 25 qualified signals, live trading sessions, no withdrawal fee and you will be a member of Genius Investment Group’s loyal program. If you still want more than that, GeniusIG offers a Diamond account that has 50 qualified signals per month, credit eligibility, a quarterly crypto exclusive report and private educational sessions with a third party.

As a final option, we have a Platinum account with a minimum deposit requirement of $100,000. Needless to say, this is an account that will give you a complete offer this broker has. From exclusive crypto indicator to the quarterly exclusive business plan. Everything is at your disposal and if you are a trader who wants to have all benefits, this is an account for you.

The final thing we can say is that Genius Investment Group provided trading accounts that have one of the best conditions we have ever seen. The selection is great, you have an option to deposit just $250 if you want and you will have over 200 assets at your disposal.


Trading conditions like this raised our expectations a lot. Now, we expect a lot of learning materials that can cover every trader — a beginner and a professional. The first thing you will see on this website is the Education section in the main menu. This part contains eBooks, Asset Index, Frequently Asked Questions page and a Glossary. This may not look enough, but in reality, this is just free educational material that can be used by every website visitor. So, if you do not want to open an account here, you can read all those eBooks, from Capital Management to Advanced Strategies.

For registered clients, Genius Investment Group provided much more and we are satisfied with every single part of that. There are different webinars that you can attend and listen to, personalised educational sessions and a lot more material that will help you improve trading skills and gain new knowledge, to become a better trader.


It’s time to move on to the trading platform because this is the part where you will spend most of your time. There are some things that we expect to see and from the first glance, Genius Investment Group managed to provide us with that.

First of all, we want to see a responsive platform that can work on every device without interruptions. Here, you will have a web-based option that you can open from a computer or mobile phone if you want to trade on the go. The first thing we did was try this platform on every possible device and that test was successfully passed. The platform really worked everywhere and that’s not something that should concern you at all.

The second thing we want to see is a user-friendly interface. We don’t care about the design, since that depends on your preferences, but we need a platform that is easy for navigation even without previous experience. This one is divided into three parts and that makes navigation much easier. The left part is for account management, the middle one has the list of all assets (and classes) and the right part is reserved for the chart. That chart is fully customisable and you can change every detail to make it fit your taste. This is an excellent thing that allows you to have a unique experience and that’s not something you can find at every broker.

This is the third part of the Genius Investment Group service that completely satisfied our expectations and now we can say only one thing, we have no doubts that this review will end up being positive.



We have excellent conditions, an optimised platform and proper education so it’s time to see if we can count on responsive support. With this broker, you will have four different contact methods. If you are a person who loves to solve things by talking on the phone, you can call them. If you prefer to send a message there is an online form, email and a Live Chat.

Of course, we had to test one of those methods to see if the support is responsive enough and we chose Live Chat. We used it within the working hours and the response was immediate. There are no chatbots, you will be talking with a real person and according to our experience, customer support representatives are knowledgeable enough to help you with any issue that you might have.



As a funding method, you can use Credit Card, Bank Wire or Bitcoin Transfer. There are no deposit fees and money will be in your account at the same moment no matter the method. So, simply choose the method that you find most convenient.

When it comes to withdrawals, they are not instant and you will have to wait for between seven to ten business days. Also, there is a small fee of one percent, but if you have a higher account, you won’t have to pay that.


For us, Genius Investment Group is a broker that deserves your time and trust. Here, you will have great conditions and you will be able to count on support always. After everything that we saw, there is no reason not to open an account here.