CV Markets is an online Forex brokerage that offers a unique blend of features. Lately, there was a surge of positive feedback from the trading community. We wanted to take a look for ourselves and see what all the hype is about. After several weeks of intense testing, we are ready to share our findings. We are writing this from the perspective of someone who is an experienced trader, but we will take into consideration the needs of those who are just starting in this industry.

The first thing that strikes us, is the visually pleasing design. We are referring to the homepage, but the same will apply to everything else. Whilst minimalistic, it retains the core functionality which we value above all else. In the end, nobody cares how a cook looks as long as he can prepare great dishes, right? The same applies here. As we journeyed on, we were surprised by how CV Markets managed to build such an appealing package. They were founded fairly recently, and yet despite the lack of experience, their offering is one of the best in the industry.


Every brokerage’s goal is to attract and retain as many clients as possible. To achieve this CV Markets has created one of the more elaborate accounts systems. Traders can choose from 6 types that vary drastically in price and features. Their “account types” page holds all the detailed information that each of those six tiers contains. Here we will highlight the ones that seem the most impressive to us.

A self-Manage account requires a deposit of just €250. We imagine this is intended for those with little experience, or those who simply wish to see what CV Markets has to offer first-hand. You get full access to the platform without any restrictions, a decent starting leverage of up to 100, and even daily market reviews. These are very important to creating a winning strategy because they give you daily summaries of everything important happening in the industry.

Gold is their most popular choice. The asking price is pretty average at €10,000. However, there is also quite a steep jump in the number of perks. At this stage, you receive a dedicated account manager, trading bonus, improved spreads and leverage, trading signals, trade room analysis and lots of educational content. If properly used, all these perks can seriously upgrade your trading experience.

Finally, there is the Diamont account type. It is the pinnacle of what this brokerage can offer to modern traders. In addition to offering educational resources, quality of life improvements, and drastically improved spreads and leverages, this tier cost just a fraction of the price of what CV Markets competitors are asking for.  High Volume traders should look no further, as this is as good as it gets in this industry.


We already took notice of some educational resources CV Markets offers to its clients. However, it’s important to note that these are very sophisticated. If you are just starting, you will not find much use out of these. Luckily, there is a section on the homepage that holds education resources that are intended for beginners. And the best thing is that it is completely free of charge. You can access it, even without opening an account.

Here you will find the Glossary, Asset index, the FAQ page and the eBooks section. These do a good job of teaching you about trading fundamentals. For instance, the Glossary is an alphabetized list of all trading terminology. Once you get used to it, you can start exploring eBooks. These cover a wide range of topics including beginner strategy, technical analysis, trading psychology and many more. They are all written and illustrated brilliantly, so you should have no trouble following them regardless of what background you are coming from.


Instead of relying on some industry common solutions such as Meta Trader, CV Markets have taken the time to develop their trading platform. While traders can sometimes, we averse to change, we feel this one is the sole reason CV Markets have been getting so many good reviews lately. It completely overhauls the industry standards in favour of some customer-centric solutions. To put it bluntly, this is the best platform we have ever traded on.

What makes it so special? The answer is easy. Never before did we trade on a platform that provides both stability and performance with practically no compromises. Whether you are browsing the assets, performing different types of analysis, or are executing your trading strategy, everything performs flawlessly. During several weeks of our trading, we encountered no bugs, no delay, no hiccups. Everything simply worked as advertised.

Another good thing to note is that the platform comes with more than 200 tradable assets. You can build your portfolio with assets from multiple categories, including Forex, Crypto, Stocks and much more. Navigating the platform is intuitive even for novice traders. You can easily get to anywhere you want from within the platform In just a click or two.


As we mentioned, we didn’t have any issues during our trades. However, to test CV Market customer support, we came up with numerous inquiries to see how they handle customer feedback. There are three ways to contact them, and that is via email, call centre or the Live Chat feature. As it turns out, all of them are pretty efficient at handling traders and their demands. Even when writing emails, we were getting replies within minutes. The only thing that we didn’t like was the absence of 24/7 support. This way you always need to be mindful of support operating hours and pray nothing bad happens in the meantime.


Funding your account at CV Markets works pretty much as you would expect. As long as you are over 18 and have an opened bank account, you are set to go. Both deposits and withdrawals can be made by using credit or debit cards, or even via wire transfers. These methods provide the highest level of security so that you never have to worry about whether your funds are safe. Instead, you can focus that energy on creating winning strategies. When it comes to waiting times, they are on par with the rest of the industry. Deposits are pretty much instant, while withdrawal times can vary. This is mostly due to your bank policies, so we advise checking them ahead of time just to know what to expect.


To sum up our CV Markets review, we have to emphasise once again how pleased we were with everything we experienced. The trading platform is beyond amazing, and we encourage everyone to try it out for themselves immediately. This is nothing short of a complete game-changer. As more and more people discover it, we are sure CV Markets will become one of the biggest names in this industry. If you wish, you can check out our other reviews by clicking here.