Man Capital Group is a known name among traders. This is a broker that will provide you with the option to choose between 200 tradable assets and according to their words, you will have a platform that will satisfy the needs of the most professional traders. It’s no wonder that we gained interest in this broker, so it’s time to see if the service that Man Capital Group provides is good enough to gain our recommendation.



If you decide to open an account at Man Capital Group, the last thing you will miss is the variety of choices. It’s evident that this broker provides a lot of options to its clients and the first way to see it is through account types. There are six of them, so you will be able to choose no matter the level of experience.

The first one is Self-Managed and you can deposit just 250 EUR here. But keep in mind that an account like this won’t give you too many options. You will have market reviews and leverage up to 1:100, but that’s it. The next account is Basic and the minimum deposit requirement this time is 5,000 EUR. Of course, you will have much better conditions here and we are talking about dedicated account manager, trading bonus, basic spreads, leverage up to 1:200, trading signals and tier 3 trader room.

To be honest, we would always choose higher accounts, just because trading conditions within those ones are better. For example, the Gold account allows you to have tier two trade rooms, trading signals, financial and risk management planning, special ventures and private analyst sessions. But this time, you will have to deposit at least 10,000 EUR.

After the Gold account, there is a Platinum one that has a deposit requirement of 25,000 EUR and you will have an invitation to VIP events, leverage up to 1:300 and complete access. The next option is Diamond and the minimum requirement for this one is 50,000 EUR. With this account, leverage is up to 1:400, you will have a Bitcoin package and diamond spreads. Overall, this is the best account that you can choose and it will give you great opportunities.

The last option is a VIP account but this is not the one you can choose from the beginning. If you want to become a VIP member, you need to have an account at Man Capital Group and after a while, you can contact your account manager. They will help you with an upgrade and you will have a completely custom-tailored solution.



Education indeed is one of the most important things a broker can provide. This is the best way to see if a broker takes good care of its clients or not, and let us tell you something, Man Capital Group really does that.

If you want to learn new things, you can visit the Education Center in the main menu and read all those eBooks. There are Capital Management books, CFDs and Stocks, Market Analysis, Advanced eBook, etc. So, this part covers a lot of topics and the best thing of all, it’s completely free and you don’t need an account to access it.

For those people who decide to open an account, Man Capital Group ensured webinars and personalized coaching. So, one thing is for sure, here you will be able to improve your knowledge and gain new skills.


The platform that you can find here is a web-based one. This means that you won’t have to download any single app. Instead, you can just open the page on the website and that’s it. So, there is not an option to trade on MT4, but that’s fine by us because this platform showed impeccable results while we tested it.

One of the most important things for us is the ability to trade on every device. This platform is optimised, so that’s not something that should worry you. Aside from that, you can also count on responsiveness, because this is the platform that works without any interruptions. 

Now, the best part of all. Once you visit the trading platform page, you won’t have a need to leave it. The left side of that platform contains everything for account management and there you can see positions, you can deposit, make a withdrawal request or manage your account. The middle part has a list of tradable assets and they are divided into classes. There are five classes (Forex, Crypto, Stocks, Commodities and Indices) and as soon as you choose the class you want, a list will appear.

Finally, the biggest part of the screen is reserved for the chart and this is the most interesting part of the trading platform. This chart has every feature that you need for successful trading. Also, it’s fully customisable so you can arrange everything and make it suitable for your needs.

Overall, our first impression about the platform was great and that impression remained throughout the whole time. We spent a lot of time testing everything and our final conclusion is that Man Capital Group offers an innovative solution that works great.


We saw that each part of the service Man Capital Group has is excellent but it’s time to give our final judgement for the support centre. This is the part where we expect nothing but the best because support is one of the mandatory things a broker has to provide.

We weren’t surprised to see all those contact methods, since we are used to different choices here. You will have an option to reach out to them using the online form, email or Live Chat. To us, Live Chat is the most convenient option, so we tested that method.

If you send a message within working hours, you can expect an instant reply. There are no chatbots and you will be talking to one of the customer representatives. Our experience was great, we got an answer to every question and clarified some things regarding commissions. So, we can say that the support is fast, helpful and transparent.



Once you open an account, you will have three options for funding. Credit Card, e-Wallet, and Bank Wire. We doubt that you need more than that since every important method is covered. What you should know is that deposits are instant and you won’t pay any fees for them. Withdrawals last from seven to ten business days, but that depends on how fast you send documents for Identity Verification and which account you have. Each account has different withdrawal prioritization, so keep that in mind.


For us, Man Capital Group is one of those brokers that deserves your time. We checked every part of its service and there is not a single thing that bothered us. Trading conditions are good, support is responsive and the platform is innovative. The only thing we can say to you is that we can recommend Man Capital Group without any hesitations.