Have you heard of College for Trading yet? If you haven’t, listen up! This trading academy is the place to be if you wish to advance your trading game, and let’s face it – who doesn’t? So, this academy is unlike any other we’ve seen in a long time, and that means something. Especially if you consider how many companies emerge today, so you are not certain who to rely on. But, the mantra of College for Trading is simple – you should learn for yourself and choose on your own whether a certain company is right for you. This is exactly what you will learn when you first sign up for this college.




The accounts at this academy are called learning plans, and there are several of them. They are different depending on the offering, but more importantly – based on what you would like to achieve with them, and how much you are willing to apply yourself to get to that finish line.

The first learning plan is completely free, which means that you can see for yourself what the academy has to offer without spending any real money on it. You will get one introductory course and one eBook, which will serve as a preview of what’s to come. Then, the Bronze plan comes with a minimum deposit requirement of $250 and offers 5 sweet introductory courses. The Gold plan will cost you $450, but you will receive 7 introductory courses and 8 eBooks, as well as 4 in-depth courses and no less than 5 market research reports!


The VIP plan comes last, and it can be yours if you deposit a minimum of $500. With it, you will get 5 intro courses and 9 in-depth ones, as well as 11 eBooks and 6 market research reports. In other words, this is everything that you can hope for at College for Trading – and it is a lot!




Speaking of things that this academy has to offer, you will find that these courses are divided into different levels of knowledge and abilities. They are designed to help you make a smooth transition from one level to another without missing out on anything important. The intro courses are pretty simple, and they are meant to ease you into the trading world slowly.


On the other hand, you will also find a lot of specific courses and detailed lessons on different trading tools and assets, which is an important advantage to have. From CFDs and stocks to market strategies and research, these are just a few examples of what to expect.




The tech section at this academy includes all these courses and offerings in more depth. They include things like tutorials, videos and lessons within eBooks. They are designed to guide you through the entire trading process as well as its different stages and potential obstacles you might encounter.

The best thing about these lessons and courses is that they are available on all devices and operating systems. This makes it even easier for you to access them and utilize them in the best way you know how!




If you want to advance even further and more smoothly with College for Trading, it is good to have a customer support team to rely on. Luckily, there is more than one way to reach out to them. The first one is through the telephone number. Still, this can become a bit busy at times since the team is available 24/7.

In case that you don’t want to wait long for a response, you might have better luck with sending them an e-mail. They typically respond within 3 business days, which is quite fast. Either way, there are numerous ways to reach out to the agents and resolve any potential issues you may encounter.




There are several ways to make a deposit to College for Trading academy in order to get started with different learning plans. The first is the bank wire transfer, which is a traditional option in the banking world. Still, it is a clients’ favorite. This is why you will still find it within the offering of top companies online.


Credit and debit cards, on the other hand, are a lot faster and easier to use. And the best part is that there are no additional fees or hidden commissions that you will need to pay along the way!




If you ask us, College for Trading is the perfect place for beginners to start their trading adventure. Will you be one of them?