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What are Cryptocurrencies?


Cryptocurrencies, also known as digital currencies or altcoins, are a relatively new type of asset. They are decentralized and do not have oversight by any outside authority, unlike fiat currencies such as the dollar or euro. The first popular one, Bitcoin, was created in 2009, and now has hundreds of competitors, such as Ethereum and [...]

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Is Forex Trading Profitable?


Online trading offers more opportunities for the average investor than most other popular methods. There are several advantages to Forex trading. Because of the large number of assets that are available, combined with the ability to trade using leverage, people can place orders for a relative low sum, and easily see returns of 10 percent [...]

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How Does Forex Trading Work?


Foreign currency exchange or Forex offers investors a convenient way to earn a profit from market movements. While many people are aware of the rise and fall of the stock market, or that the price of Gold seems to go up and down on a regular basis, fewer keep track of the shifting value of [...]

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How Do Forex Brokers Make Money?


  Many people are investigating the potential of CFDs as a way to earn money. One of the best advantages of Forex trading is that it allows you to avoid the high commission fees charged by agents who work with traditional stocks and commodities. However, most investors will still need the services of a reputable [...]

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My YorkCG Experience


Before I begin, I have to admit that I had quite a tough time researching all of the different trading platform available on the market today. At first I thought - “Hey! This is the era of the Internet and advanced technologies! Finding a perfect platform will be a breeze!” Boy, was I wrong. I [...]

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The art of trading has been present in our modern history longer than you can imagine. The first types of trading were taking place back in the era of Paleolith - where the hunters exchanged the fruits of their labor with one another. According to the historic record from the Stone Age, South West Asia [...]

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FXVC- Forex broker review


FXVC has had quite a rollercoaster ride since first being established back in 2014. A lot of innovations have been introduced since then - from better spreads to a wider range of tradable assets. FXVC is one of those platforms that aims to contribute to a more fun, as well as safer trading environment for [...]

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Online trading in 2020 – Beginner’s step-by-step guide


Online trading represents all trading activity done on the internet. As a trader, you buy or sell financial assets on a trading platform that is offered by a brokerage or a bank. Whatever decision you make is transferred instantly via the trading platform to the broker and executed immediately. This is why an active internet [...]

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Forex Signals and how to use them


When you are on the market, trading away your favorite currencies, you may notice some systems and types of signals which could help decide on the next logical move. These are the Forex signals - and they are special types of indicators created especially to make your trading journey so much more enjoyable.   If [...]

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Is Forex Trading Gambling?


Forex trading does not rely on luck. Serious investors research market conditions before placing orders to become more successful. Investors are always looking for the best opportunities, and one of today’s biggest online trading forums is the foreign exchange, or forex market. Several trillion dollars’ worth of transactions are completed every day in over-the-counter trades, [...]

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