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Is Wonder Coins Trustworthy?


Wonder Coins is owned and operated by the Solanit OU company which is based in Tallin, Estonia. The company is highly regulated and respected within the crypto exchange community. This is no surprise considering that the European market is one of the strictest ones when it comes to fine those who do not respect the [...]

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Start Your Own Brokerage


Your easy-to-follow guide on how to start your own forex brokerage As a $5 trillion-a-day market, foreign exchange is like the world’s most powerful magnet for investors and brokerages. Where there is big money, there are businesses led by assertive go-getters. And if you’re looking to get your foot in the door, too, you better [...]

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Is FXVC safe enough to meet your trading needs?


If you’re into trading, you’ve probably heard about FXVC. But what is it that you’ve heard? This broker is heavily bombarded with questions, such as “Is FXVC reliable?” or “Is FXVC a scam?”. The time is ripe to unveil the truth. We’ve carried out this research to unearth the facts that every trader should have [...]

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How Good Is Arrowteks Broker?


Arrowteks is a broker founded by Forex veterans. They wanted to create a place where everyone would be able to trade equally, so it doesn’t matter whether you are a professional or not, they will be there to assist you. They claim to offer personalised one-on-one coaching and industry-leading market data in order to build [...]

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RosewoodTrust Broker Review 2020


RosewoodTrust is a Forex and CFD broker that seems to be carving quite a promising path for itself. The brand was introduced back in 1986. So, what’s the verdict? So far, the comments by the clients I’ve stumbled upon are pretty satisfying. One of them even called it the next big thing, which sounds like [...]

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Walton Chase Broker Review 2020


Walton Chase is a broker that exists since 1986. They offer a secure trading network, cutting-edge technology and prestigious industry connections. They promise to offer reliable, secure and transparent trading to each client. The founders are professional traders, with a lot of experience. I always like to hear that people behind the company have so [...]

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Arrowteks review?


In this review, we will go through Arrowteks. A broker founded by Forex traders who already have a lot of experience. They are ready to share that experience with clients and that’s the reason Arrowteks exists. What makes it stand out from the crowd are personalised 1-on-1 coaching and industry-leading market data. The goal of [...]

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How to Create Your Own Trading Plan?


When you find a desire to try out new things, you usually have a tendency to jump right into it and see where it leads you. This is a common human instinct - since everything is so new and exciting. And why not? It’s in our nature, after all, to crave new things and try [...]

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3 reasons Forex has become a popular investment


The Foreign Exchange or Forex market offers the largest number of trading opportunities in the world. Every day more than $1.8 trillion in volume is bought and sold over the industry’s decentralized system. Given that FX investing is one of the newest ways to earn a profit online, the speed with which it has gained [...]

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What are Cryptocurrencies?


Cryptocurrencies, also known as digital currencies or altcoins, are a relatively new type of asset. They are decentralized and do not have oversight by any outside authority, unlike fiat currencies such as the dollar or euro. The first popular one, Bitcoin, was created in 2009, and now has hundreds of competitors, such as Ethereum and [...]

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