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Is FXVC.EU a scam?

When you hear the name FXVC, what is the first thing that comes to mind? For us, it was about time do dig deeper into the catchy name and see what this innovative broker is all about. The first thing that popped up during our research was the long-lasting tradition of the name itself. FXVC platform was established back in 2014, and since then they keep aiming at constantly improving while simultaneously keeping up with the tradition of what works.


It is only natural that a long-standing name like FXVC will take a few punches down the road. But what makes up for it is their awareness of the mistakes and obstacles, and a constant desire to keep up and keep working hard. And today, in the sea of online trading brokerages offering high and low their amazing spreads with no cost fees, the only remaining question is – is FXVC a scam?



This part is quite easy to find out, you just need to click on their “About Us” page and check the licensing information. When you do that, you will see that FXVC is registered in Cyprus, and regulated by the Cyprus Security and Exchange Commission – CySEC for short. This a highly reputable government organization that imposes regulations and strict rules on the companies they affect and manage. FXVC is one of them, which means that this platform is forced to always keep up with the toughest rules and policies towards all their clients. Otherwise, harsh fees and punishments are set to be imposed, which can irreversibly damage one’s reputation. And once that happens, it is tough to come back from it.


That’s why FXVC continues to keep up with the CySEC’s tough regulations. This organization is open to any and all tips and leads on someone who may be breaking their strict rules, and you can report that anonymously through their Whistleblowing section on the webpage. FXVC makes its priority to work with law enforcement too, in case the need presents itself to prevent fraud or other illegal activities. When you look at it like this alone, it would be quite hard to uphold the “FXVC scam” image, right?


When you dig deeper into the online brokerage world, you can easily notice that there are many platforms that do not hold a regulation license of any kind. This is quite discouraging for the entire trading community, which is why it is important to support and encourage the hard and honest work that companies like FXVC do for the trading world.


Asking the question “Is FXVC a scam?” imposes a whole other conversation in the online brokerage area. For FXVC, continuing to ask this question is as important as ever, because new traders come along every day, with the need to be informed and prepared for obstacles. That’s why FXVC aims to constantly prove their trustworthiness and desire to do better for you, so you can do better for yourself. It is a productive cycle of learning new things and implementing modern regulations while keeping the tradition alive which was set long before these new brokerages came into the spotlight.


In general, the public response to FXVC is quite encouraging, which makes us conclude that customers are happy. And while this is true, it is the most important thing to remember.


Trading Platform

By visiting the FXVC trading platform, you will be met with the costumed blue, green and white background, suitable to the design of the logo. This helps FXVC to stand out from the crowd of flashy, over-the-top websites, which are often designed this way to keep you from finding out there is something seriously wrong lurking in the shadows.


With FXVC, however, it is all upfront and honest, which explains why they have so many years of experience and trustworthiness. The platform is neatly organized into 4 sections – stocks, forex, cryptos, and CFDs, which you can easily scroll through until you find the asset that suits your needs the most. And if you find yourself lost between all the numbers and information, you will find a convenient chart on the left which will illustrate what those numbers mean – and help you make your smartest trading decision.


One other thing that is quite appealing is the fact that everything is listed clearly and as simply as possible. This way, no matter if you have previous experience in the trading market or you are a newcomer, you will be able to find your way around and check out everything this reliable platform has in store for you.


Commissions and Spreads

When it comes to spreads, there are two sides to every story. On one hand, changeable spreads according to the market performance can bring you a sufficient amount of excitement with a chance of danger, bringing you closer to a higher reward. The same goes for irreparable doom – with higher risks, there are bigger chances for a significant loss


FXVC recognizes this, which is why they offer fixed spreads for their clients. This way, they ensure the maximum of stability and predictability, which can come in handy in the hectic world of market trading.


Another great thing that stands out is commissions, which are quite favorable to an independent broker. Compared to other brokerage websites, FXVC offers a lot of advantages including lower fees for their valued clients. As you progress through the different account packages, you will encounter that these fees go even lower to non-existent for the most eligible and trusting traders, which have a long-standing tradition of keeping their streaks with FXVC.


Deposits and Withdrawals

One particular thing that pops up right away when you are searching for a perfect brokerage is the ability to process your deposit and withdrawal requests. With FXVC this option is perfect to the smallest detail, which adds to their reliability. With such a huge brokerage come big amounts of money. The fact that FXVC is able to process them almost instantly is quite reassuring and a big advantage in the trading world.


In addition, there are different types of channels that you can use to deposit or withdraw your money, including credit cards and bank wire transfers. The minimum deposit amount stands at $500 which is standard for such a highly reputable platform, while you can withdraw your money from the account from as low as $20.


Bonus and Promotions

While FXVC does not offer bonuses and promotions in a traditional way, you can find many alluring offers within the account types choices. For example, bronze is the basic type of an account that you can acquire, and it brings you access to a few hundred of FXVC tradeable assets, as well as educational tools to guide you through it all.


As you progress to the more advanced account types such as silver, gold, and platinum, you will be able to take advantage of more perks offered exclusively by the FXVC platform. These include announcements, e-mail and SMS notifications and market reviews which aim to keep you updated with all the latest economic and geopolitical news and updates.


And finally, as you reach the highest levels of appeal and excitement, you will be met with the most advanced account type of them all – the VIP program. With this one, the abilities are practically endless. You will have access to all the educational tools the FXVC has to offer, as well as create a long-lasting and reliable relationship with your own broker to guide you through your trading journey. Regular announcements are a given and you can receive them in your inbox on any device, but what stands out particularly are some discounts on additional fees and commissions. So, in a way, FXVC aims to compensate for their lack of promotions and bonuses by using other channels and applying discounts, for your convenience.


Customer Support

Creating a satisfying relationship with the customers is imperative for a successful trading platform. FXVC understands that, which is why they strive to improve their customer support team as time passes. Their staff is quite friendly and knowledgeable while easy to reach via e-mail, telephone or a live chat.


And if you are a go-getter that rather works on its own, even better! Then you will find your way through the FAQ section, which is regularly updated with new developments, terms, and information.



In general, there is always a tweak or two which you can find on a trading platform if you look hard enough. In the end, we all make mistakes, but what makes us great is the constant need to improve them and make ourselves better. With FXVC that journey seems to be more effortless than others, which is why it’s worth taking a second look. And if you find something that piques your interest, even better! FXVC sets it as its goal to keep a client relationship strong and open for communication, improving their channels and overall service each step of the way.


Is Forex Trading Gambling?

Forex trading does not rely on luck. Serious investors research market conditions before placing orders to become more successful. Investors are always looking for the best opportunities, and one of today’s biggest online trading forums is the foreign exchange, or forex market. Several trillion dollars’ worth of transactions are completed every day in over-the-counter trades, and it is the most liquid investment vehicle which individual investors can access.

With all of these benefits, many people are concerned that there is a hidden catch and wonder whether forex trading is really just gambling. However, unlike investment vehicles like binary options, there is an established correlation between market news and currency prices. Therefore, those who are willing to do the research necessary to find the right assets and the best times to trade will soon see that this financial activity is not merely a matter of luck.

FX trading involves buying and selling a pair of currencies at the same time. Traders want to buy the currency whose price they feel will go up and sell the currency whose price they feel will go down. Your profit is measured by how much the currency that you felt would perform better increased in value. If your selected currency depreciated, then you lose money.

Because of the large number of currency pairs that are available, it is easy to find an option that represents your preferred level of risk based your knowledge of the market. The most popular currencies are the U.S. dollar, the Canadian dollar, the Australian dollar, the British pound, the euro, the New Zealand dollar, the Swiss Franc, and the Japanese Yen. Most actively traded currency pairs are based on at least one of these currencies, with almost 85% of the transactions involving the U.S. dollar.

Because each of the most popular Forex currencies are associated with a different region, it is not hard to look for news related to the underlying region and then project whether this will cause the country’s economy and monetary units to go up in value. This is one reason why traders tend to rely on reports released by governments related to unemployment, GDP, and consumer confidence, in order to determine the strength of the USD, CAD, JPY, etc., prior to placing a trade. This type of research is called fundamentals analysis.

After several years, investors realized that the markets were often cyclical, with periods of highs and lows that could be determined by carefully examining previous trends. By looking for patterns in charts and then finding how those configurations related to price movements, traders eventually created indicators that can flag potential shifts. This trading is referred to as technical analysis, and often relies on things like candlesticks, bar graphs, and oscillators, which tell when is a good time to buy or sell a specific pair.

Learning how to use both fundamental and technical analysis can greatly improve your success rate. Most traders profit the most when they stick with a relatively small number of Forex pairs, and keep up to date on building a diverse portfolio. Now is a great time to explore the investment opportunities offered by a respected platform such as that provided by our Platform. For more information on pairs trading, make sure to visit our webpage.



How does the Forex Market Work?

Traders working with the Forex market need to be familiar with all of the relevant layers of financial institutions who participate in giving price quotes.

For almost 30 years, traders have been able to invest in foreign exchange price movements, also known as Forex. This type of trading involves looking at the relative performance of two regional currencies with the aim of profiting from price movements of each. Many traders don’t have a clear understanding of how the Forex market works, so we’d like to cover the layers of the industry, so you know the roles of each of the participants.

To make money in Forex, you select lots (standardized units) of a currency pair, and try to choose which of the two currencies will go up. If you choose the winning currency, you can make money from the price differential. But how does the currency get put up for sale in the first place? The current system dates back to 1978, when the international community switched to a free-floating exchange system, where supply and demand set the price for various currency pairs. Before this, each currency was backed by first Gold, and then the U.S. dollar.

There are a few tiers of financial institutions who participate in offering currencies for sale. Tier I liquidity providers are responsible for the highest volume of Forex pair transfers. Central banks exchange funds they have received, and buy foreign currencies as a hedge to minimize the risk of potential economic shifts. Because of the large amount of transfers that these central banks execute every day, they have very low transaction fees. Tier I institutions rarely work with retail investors.

Tier II banks and institutions generally work with larger banks to trade currency either as a way to earn additional income from the savings deposits that they hold, or pool funds received from individual traders and offer access to prime liquidity providers for a fee. Most online Forex brokers are in this category. Many Tier II trading partners have agreements with more than one major bank, so that they can get competitive rates on the assets they offer.

Finally Tier III is exemplified by the traders themselves, as well as by professional investment counselors and small online brokerages. At this level, you typically will have to pay the highest fees to purchase currencies, because you will have to cover administrative costs added by the Tier I and Tier II providers. However, this is generally unavoidable, since most individual investors do not have the capital available to purchase the lot sizes that qualify for discounted rates.

Traders need to keep their costs low if they wish to trade currency pairs successfully. It is important to work with a Forex broker who has connections with several top liquidity providers, and who consistently offers low rates. We recommend trading this type of asset on a respected platform such as that provided by ours. For more information on pairs trading, make sure to visit our webpage.

Top Trends in Forex Trading

Forex Trader

Top Trends to Watch in Trading

With trading, everything moves so fast and changes unexpectedly. This is one of the bases of its appeal and many traders try to shift them to their favor. Though this is quite tricky and doesn’t guarantee success, there are some tips and trends that developed over time, that work for many traders.

Still, there is no certain way to increase your chances on the market. If it was, it wouldn’t be so appealing and fun, right? Here are some of the basics experienced traders advise to cover before entering the exciting world of market trading.


Setting Long-Term Goals

Why is this important? First, you need to recognize and always keep in mind why you are there, especially when times get tough. It will help you keep grounded and focus your eyes on the prize. Things on the market can get hectic and tense easily but the storms will pass much faster if you know what your goals are.

Whether you are trading to save some money, pay your student loans or just have a bit of fun, keeping your goal in mind will also help determine the amount of your capital which you’re ready to invest. After this, you will be able to follow the number of years for your investment to come through and many other factors.


Understanding Risk Tolerance

Though risk tolerance is affected by many things, you can use it to positively influence your trading experience. This is a psychological trait based mainly on genetics, but it can also be improved by education, income and wealth.

However, one of the most important things that affect it is your own perception of risk. As you gain more knowledge of trading and how the market works, you will improve your risk tolerance over time. This way, you can try and avoid the investments which can make you anxious or stressed.


Diversifying Your Investments

Experts claim that when you diversify your choice of investments, your research becomes more detailed and you feel more in control when trading. This way you can easily identify which types of securities work well with your goals and your risk tolerance. It will be simpler for you to determine if mixing it up or sticking to a single type of investment for a longer period of time before switching is the most suitable choice.


10 Best Crypto Forex Brokers And Trading Platforms In 2019

It is very difficult to offer a legitimate forex broker offering cryptocurrency. As there are many inexperienced forex brokers which can easily scam you. Try to find the brokers who are willing to help you find the right professionalism in trading skills.


eToro is a social trading platform which has been around form 2006. It has recently gained a lot of attention which you can be able to provide the top quality service as a broker. They provide a lot of top quality services where you can easily trade in cryptocurrency trades. The offer trades in more than 11 cryptocurrency.



AvaTrade is an online operating traders since 2006. Cryptocurrencies are available for trade in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple. They are regulated by a large number of different organizations all around the world.

Plus 500

Started in 2008, this is one trader which is CFD approved. The can help you trade nine different cryptocurrencies against USD. Plus 500 is also listed for trading on the London Stock Exchange Main Market.

Pepper Stone

Pepper stone has been operating since 2010. They have successful mobile apps which helped them win many awards over the last few words. Pepper stone you can trade bitcoin, bitcoin cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Ripple. This is one of the  world’s largest MT4 FX brokers.



This is another Cyprus based brokers which can boast on enormous registered user. They are operated by Safe cap which is subsidiary of Play tech PLC. They are available to trade in Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash, Ethereum, Litecoins, etc. They have their very own mobile app which is available in both google play and app store.

IG Markets

IG Markets primarily focuses on spread betting and CFDs. They offer trades in more than six cryptocurrency which ha a significant number of established broker. They have an avid active trading members which include forums where they can share ideas that is helpful for beginners.


AAAFX has been operating since 2008. It is incorporated with the Zulu Trade Forex signals programs and system. The company is owned by them, which makes their services more instant and precise when it comes to making trades. With AAAFX you can make sure that Bitcoin, cash,Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple which is also available in iOS and Android.



XTB has office in more than 10 countries and have been voted the highest rated FX and CFD broker by the wealth and finance International Awards and offers traders access over many different markets. They have accumulated a  number of awards from Forbes and the Bloomberg and can help you trade in Bitcoin, Dash, Litecoin, etc.

Risks And Tips Every Forex Trader Should Know

Forex is the Foreign Exchange Market that can facilitate from buying and selling of currencies around the world. The end goal of the forex trading is to yield a net profit which can start by buying low and selling high. Forex traders have the opportunity to buy and sell handful of currencies which you can find thousands of handful currencies to wrk from. Forex markets is one of the largest in the world. They have some of the best assets which are considered liquid assets. The majority of forging exchange trades consists of a lot of risks which can lead to substantial loss.

Leverage Risk

In forex trading, leveraging requires you to have a small initial investment from which you can gain access to substantial trades in foreign currencies. These price fluctuations are a result of margin calls. As the market is volatile the aggressive use of leverage will result in substantial loss.


Interest Rate Risks

This is a basic concept which can effect on countries exchange rates. The Interest rates rise the currency will strengthen and due to the influx in investment. The stronger the currency the weaker the investors the weaker the currency which can have high rates to interest. Try to make sure that you have a very circuitous effect on the exchange rates which can differ from country to country.

Transaction Risk

Transaction Risks are an exchange rate risk which is associated with time differences between the beginning of a contract and the settlement. Forex trading occurs on a basis which can result in exchange before trades have settled. These currencies can easily be traded at different prices at different hours. The greater the time difference the entering and settling will also fluctuate on the face of the currencies which can face increased transactional costs.


Counter party Risk

This is a financial transaction where the company provides and asset to the investors. It has a counter party risk which refers to the default in broker particular transaction. You can find the right spots which can act as forward contracts on the currencies which is not guaranteed by the any exchange. Currency trading can have a solvency on the market maker. During Volatile market condition which many may refuse to adhere to.

Country Risk

When you are weighting on the options to invest in currencies one of the must asset is to build structure and stability while issuing country. There are many developing countries where there are fixed exchange rates. The central bank has to have adequate reserves to maintain a fixed exchange rate. A currency crisis can occur due to frequent balance of payment deficients. This devaluates the currency and can substantially effect the forex trading prices.

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